Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Je suis desole, je ne parle pas Francais

Hamburg - We get tickets to see Stomp which is playing the main house, providing we donate to a collection fund of a sick technician.  After two days of asking everyone in the building the only fund we find is the green room coffee fund.

Juvisy - Young child shows appreciation for the show by throwing his shoes at the actors mid performance.  It's definitely not hilarious.

Laval - The local tech approaches me grinning and says "Your actors are in the dressing room drinking cock"
by which obviously he meant coke, but I absolutely did not get that until after an array of facial expressions gave away something about the comment was vexatious.

Clamart - An usher has an epileptic fit mid way through the first show, her first ever apparently.  The audience do not notice. (She is ok now.)

Elancourt - Find out the French for 'Hen night' is 'Enterrement de vie de jeune fille' Meaning 'Funeral of being a young girl.'  Poetic.

Holiday - I resolve to actually post in this blog

Sarzeau - I fail dismally at the first hurdle

St Ave - A brilliantly boozy lunch is put on by the theatre every day.  I am far too British to get involved, and their response to this is to dig one tea bag and some powdered milk to try and make me feel at home.  Dudes.

Choisy le Roi  #1- There is a toilet in the middle of the stage upon our arrival

Choisy le Roi # 2 (we're here for a long time) - A child genuinely responds to a surprise part of the show by shouting out 'ooh lala!'

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

On the move again.

I believe last time I wrote in this I didn't even have a smart phone. Now, a couple of years later, this image is one of the more painfully relatable memes kicking around the intertron. I was on a boat in the middle of the north sea recently, and was actually, genuinely frustrated that I could neither respond to my mum's email to say whether or not I had a port hole,  or what's ap my boyfriend pictures (all of which were of the sea from different angles) OH THE HUMANITY.

Despite the lack of WiFi we pulled through and made it to our destination, which as it happens is Hamburg (this was aided largely by radio four comedy and hula hoops. It was not aided by Audis that sneak up on you at 100 miles an hour on the autobahn)

Tomorrow we put the show we're touring into what I understand is an old fabric factory. The first of the non English get ins for me. I'm not worried though, Auf Deutch Eins taught me well. I'm going to know EXACTLY how many guinea pigs all the technicians have.

So I guess until I can squeeze some anecdotes out of that I'll leave you with some pictures of the sea from different angles.