Saturday, 19 February 2011

A winters tale.

So, since I am in Canada in winter I decided to attempt either snowboarding or skiing cause, to be honest, there isn't that much else to do.*  I opted for snowboarding, as the majority I have spoken to here deem it to the way forward.  Verena says I will break my wrists.  Turns out I am not one of life's natural boarders, I spend a lot of time falling over, if I ever manage to stand up at all.  Which is much trickier when both your feet are strapped to a bit of slippy plastic...
In other news, I watched 'Black Swan' and am very angry about it.  I sat right through to the end waiting for the twist because I heard it was trippy and would mess with your mind. Turns out it's just a rather mediocre depiction of someone dissolving into madness, with a lot of unnecessary imagery to guide you on your way and destroy all subtlety. And Natalie Portman touching herself.
Go and see True Grit, it's much better.

*Although Andy's Austrian flatmate often points out - we are in Canada, we have no reputation to uphold - WE CAN DO WHATEVER WE WANT.  We decided against pooing in the street, though.


  1. Dear Bee,

    Snowboarding is fun but as you have discovered, it is very hard to stay on your feet. I spent most of my short time snowboarding floundering in the snow. Skiing is far more sensible and it's easy to get off your bum after the zillionth fall. I think it might be safer?! In saying that though, I did end up with concussion last time I skied. But then I am a walking hazard from time to time... I'm glad you are giving snow sports a go tho :)
    True Grit is excellent, but I have not seen Black Swan for fear of being "icked out". Fun story relating to True Grit's Josh Brolin - I thought he was 70. Turns out that's his dad James Brolin who is married to Barbara Streisand. Josh Brolin is a far more acceptable 43 and is not an offspring of Mecca Streisand. She is merely his second step mother.
    Must toddle to bed, bantertastic day trip with Nana tomorrow. Woop.
    Laura xx

  2. Yes. Well the recived wisdom from the extensive number of snow sport par-takers here is that snowboarding takes longer to pick up but is easier to get better at, so I thought I'd learn the hard one first! I got over the floundering stages on day 2 :D
    Hope you had a fun day with your Nana!