Sunday, 15 January 2012

To look back on in the future - Because I shall loose a paper list

Sher-oh-good-lord-isn't-cumberbatch-a sexy bastard-lock finished its most recent run today on the tellybox. The iphone generation tell me that while the next series has been commissioned though it will not start filming till other work commitments are out of the way. In order to fill the immense emptiness that we now face in our lives we have made a pact* to achieve a life goal each before the next instalment.

I post the aims here so that they are stored but a few clicks away and labelled by date. Don't feel obliged to read them.

Achieve a publishing deal of some description

Have Dandy Highwaymen in existence

Get an article in Dr Who Magazine

Buy a windsurfer

Oh and also, to sum up the last trip (since that is the real and true purpose of this endeavour) East coast as better than the West coast - apart from for snow sports and the Victoria Fringe. Quebec is the best province, particularly Montreal. New Brunswick has absolutely brilliant road signs regarding Moose. Bam.

*Had a notional chat

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