Saturday, 17 March 2012

Hello Mid March. How I have longed for you.

Peterbourgh – The dressing rooms are portacabins round the back.  The Glamour.

Chelmsford – The Bass shuffles off stage, his bright red wig sitting slightly askew and his lipstick (which also doubles as blusher) slightly smudged, with a life size, french-can-can-dancer-puppet strapped to his front.  He pauses by me in the wing.  "What kind of job is this"  He says.  "I'm an intelligent human being."  And shuffles off into the darkness.

Bury St Edmunds – The building is owned by Green King IPA, and the bar out the front is called the Greene Room.  A HO!

Margate - Backstage has a list of rules from the 20’s painted on the wall.  For example – “Performers will not perform scenes or musical numbers not previously agreed by the director in rehearsals.”

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