Sunday, 9 January 2011

A bit of a worry

Trebuchet, thats what this font is called.  I should be interested to know the roots of the decision to name a relatively inoffensive font after a middle ages siege machine.

Thats not the worry though, the worry is that I appear to have cast all my organizational skills out to sea.
I'm going to Paraguay on the 1st of February, and haven't even had any jabs.  Actually I haven't even had the consultation appointment with the nurse about what jabs you need to get.  Although the internet has made some suggestions.  And it looks like as long as I don't drink any dirty water I should be OK.  And I'll be honest, that was kind of my plan anyway.
On a similar note, I didn't send away to get a letter of good conduct from the police because I've got a recent disclosure Scotland Form.  Can't find that, found lots of weight watchers biscuits which I bought a while ago in an effort to beat my snacking habit...  Got one from April (a disclosure not a biscuit) and I've only been pulled over by the police once since then for driving 20mph in a 30mph limit when it was icey.  (0 on the breathalyser, I might add.)

Oh my God I'm going to be shut out of Paraguay because of my appalling ineptitude.

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