Saturday, 22 January 2011

Catch a magic moment, do it. Right here and now.

Good news!  I have been inoculated up to the nines and an April 2010 disclosure does count as recent enough to let me into the country to partake in arts and craft activities with children.  Hooray!  The nurse at the surgery was terribly nice about how horrifically late I had left everything, too.  A far cry from my last visit, when the doctor informed me that I should not gain any weight because while I am not quite borderline overweight for my height, I am BORDERLINE-borderline overweight.  And to watch "what went in"  at which point she kindly mimed eating for me.  Presumably in case I had let myself get into such a tragically enormous state by not being familiar with the basic processes of weight gain.  Anyway, past bitterness aside - To Paraguay!  Via Canada to see Andy!  :)

I think there might be scope for writing a rom com about flying through time zones to see ones boyfriend.  You're counting down months, counting down weeks, counting down days, then the departure date finally arrives and BAM it's 32 sodding hours long!  And things keeps happening to make it longer, like Canada being so cold the doors of the plane freeze shut and no-one can get out.  Hilarity ensues.  And if my mp3 player shuffle function were in charge, largely to the sound track of Meat Loaf and Mumford and Sons.  Delicious.

Having said that the my trip over was without trauma, apart from the shop at Calgary airport which has huge mooses dressed as mounties.  Which I just can't get over.  Before coming here I was probably just a little bit too convinced that Scotland and Canada were preeety similar (...they've even got the queen on the money...) Though first impressions would suggest that Canada is substantially more perky, as a rule.  Everything is bigger too, and more spread out.  No cautiously cramming everything into high rises and grid iron patterns.  Which makes sense of course, what with all the space.  Everything is pretty big to be fair, from bottles of shampoo the buckets of peabutter... Nutfree peanut butter that I suspect at home exists only in 'special shops', readily available in supermarkets here.  Yeah.

Had a lovely few days wondering round Kelowna with Andy.  It's a very pretty wee city, hills and lakes everywhere you look.  We attempted to visit a cheese farm, though it was somewhat further out than the signpost let on and successfully visited a 'wine museum'.  Though that was basically just a wine shop with an enormous barrel for maturing wine in sitting up the back.  We speculated there may be funding available for museums.  Activities aside, seeing Andy again makes things all aces.  He is back twisting at the tomato today, so I shall offski to see what is to be done of a Saturday afternoon when your a non-working type in Kelowna town.

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