Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Land of the Silver birch

Well.  Here I am once again.
I don't think Canada is that keen on me though.  I got a paper cut from my landing card and the plane Andy and I got on in Toronto proptly broke.  You can call me paranoid if you wish, but I think it knew I was aboard and didn't like it.  We arrived in Vancouver just in time to hear the final call for passangers to Kelowna, which is turn then saw myself and Andy sprinting through the departure lounge at high speed. Well played, Canada, hilarious.
In better news passport control and immigration took less than half and hour AND getting my social insurace number took even less than that.  Hooray for fully fledged temporary immigrant status.  So far I have TWO WHOLE WEEKS of work at the end of August on the Victoria Fringe which I think will be fun, though perhaps not the most lucrative. 
As such, I'm am off to do a CV drop.  By which i mean resume drop.
There's no Canada like French Canada.

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