Sunday, 5 June 2011

School Daze and Village People

Leaving the school was a sad time.  One of the kids made little note with sad faces saying 'I love you, and they all followed us back to our bed/class room saying home.  Apart from the little ones who didn't really notice what was going on... They never even learned out names actually, just called us all 'Khu Falang'.  Khu for teacher and Falang as in, the first people to travel to the area where cheese eating surrender monkeys French, and the way the villagers said France was 'Falang.'  So Khu Falang = foreign teacher.  DO YOU SEE.  I will miss singing songs and playing games at great length.  Especially 'What time is it Mr Tiger.'  They never did grasp the concept of 'Dinner time' though.

I wont miss the bugs though.  Christy. Got a couple of scorpions on the go by the end of the week.  And I set my dress on fire on a mosquito coil.  Not my most suave moment.

We inadvertently got adopted the last few days we were there!  Just having a wonder through the village, and were called over by a group of elderly ladies that spoke no English... Then another woman rushed across the road and said "5 minutes!  5 minutes!"  We smiled ... for about 5 minutes straight actually... At which point a Thai girl with striking blue eyes made a dramatic entrance on a scooter, her name was Bee and she spoke fluent English.  We were invited for dinner there 2 days running and Bee took us round the town pointing out papaya and banana trees and another kind of fruit tree that she didn't know the name of in English but people wrap paper round the fruits so they look like little paper lampshades round fruity bulbs.  It was nice, sitting watching the sun set over the paddy field and having conversation with people through the medium of arm gestures.

Back in Chaning Rai now, notionally heading to Lamphun tomorrow.  But I may change my mind at the last minute BECAUSE I CAN.

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