Tuesday, 8 March 2011

And.. powder junkie is a good thing...?

I had a breakthrough in Snowboarding!  To the extent that I can actually control the board...
Which, given the number of twelve year olds who can practically breakdance with their boards on el slopes here, could be more impressive.  But I am pleased, a new skill!  I'm sure it will be useful to me in the future.
Also, Meat Loaf was playing when we arrived on the hill that morning.

I think not.

Feeling, then, that enough Canadian culture had been absorbed for now (though I have still to see a moose OR a mountie) we paid a trip to the Japanese Gardens in town and went out for sushi.  Which, actually isn't that far a cry from Canadian culture, I guess.  What with the not insubstantial Asian community living here.  I suspect due to the fact Vancouver is one of the first places you get to if you get on a plane in Nippon and fly East.  My standard 'I am going to go to Japan next January' mantra has been reinstated, after taking a year off (to be replaced with ' I'm going to Canada in January'.)  Imagine.  Anyway, the gardens are very sweet.  Small and covered in snow, but perfectly manicured.  Suspect the coy carp might have been frightened away by ducks though...

Paid a trip to the local art Gallery, which I wasn't bowled over by I must admit.  The exhibition of videos about Indian culture were all pretty badly made, but made interesting and important points.  The exhibition of John Kissick, was very much one where time and energy had gone into the painting but were not the kind I was terribly enamoured by.  WHICH OF THESE IS 'ART'?  I think David Hume knows.

I am going home soon.  Which both delights and saddens me.  Luckily things like this exist to help me through the darker moments. 

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