Monday, 14 March 2011

Stories never truly end, but our part in them will come and go.

Canada, ay?

I had a lovely time in Canada.  Obviously a great deal of that was to do with not being 5000 miles away from Andy, which was always going to put a positive spin on things.

As I sat in the departure lounge in Kelowna airport weeping quietly to myself an announcement was made "HEY GUYS WHO HERE IS GONG TO CANCUN TODAY!?"  Most of the departure lounge cheered.  As I sat in Gatwick airport, with a very small group of people who were all going up to Edinburgh, we watched with quiet interest as the lady read the script word for word the baggage policy and queuing procedures. The lady who checked my passport to let me back into the country literally didn't say a word.  The fella on the way into Canada wished me and my boyfriend ("Wow, having a chef for a boyfriend must be pretty swell, huh") a great time.  Maybe in these cases its PR.  But the reputations Canadians have for being happy and friendly in abundance does not go un-earned, in my experience.

Of course all the usual 'not being at home' things applied. Oh yes, people are meant to be driving on that side of the road...   I could really just do with a nice cup of tea...  The attitude to smoking and drinking still seems odd too me.  I suspect strong government crack down (hide the expensive, expensive cigarettes in opaque locked cabinets, make people feel shame) is actually pretty good if these drugs are so bad for you that everyone including secondary smokers will die of cancer.  But cracking down on nicotine while the smell of weed protrudes so strongly from cars, houses and passers by seems so perverse.  And the number of poorer people who can be seen picking up cigarette butts from the streets trying to get one final use out of them is actually a little distressing.  And I liked coming home and going for a pub lunch, where three pints of cider doesn't cost three hours wages.

Though Andy's flatmate maintins BC is strictest with these rules, one way to find out.  ROADTRIP.  Which is just as well.  Coming home and hearing all about the state of play for my place of work uncompromisingly hammers all the chat about funding cuts into horribly real perspective.
Now seems like a good time to pull out the travel plans that have been talking amongst themselves on the back burner for the past few years.  If I can get together enough temp jobs to cover the airfare...

In the meantime I am going to copy mine sister and do the 30 day song challenge on here rather than book of the face.  As since I ain't travelling no more, there isn't too much else to say.  Plus it looks fun.

So I give you THIS - Day 1 my favorite song.


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