Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Catch up!

I have not been doing this the past few days cause I was here.  And if you weren't shame on you, it was super.

So THREE IN ONE, are you ready?  Of course you are.

I suspect the Loaf factor may become tiresome in my list, but then again - he is the reason I listen to music. So, of the many songs of Mister Loaf I know all the words to I am going to go with THIS ONE for today

I'm not much of a dancer, so I have unfortunately had to reinterpret this as 'the song you inevitably jump up to with great enthusiasm and sway/jump/skank to whilst displaying to everyone else in the room just how uncoordinated and rhythmically challenged you are'.  Though I suspect a few people who have been compiling this list have stumbled upon a similar problem, so I shan't dwell on it.  I give you;
Also good for hairbrush/mirror moments.  Or bopping in the car moments that Chris mentioned.  Love it.

This doesn't send me to sleep without fail.  Which is good cause I quite often listen to it while I am driving, but it is a song I associate with sleepy times because when I first discovered Sonata Arctica I never wanted to turn off the music, so would leave it on through the night.  The song I associate most strongly with that time is this one.  Love it.

See you in the morrow, sleep well.

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